Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Digital Storytelling in grade 8 Social Studies

In eighth grade social studies, we have studied 4 major units: Multicultural America, Formation of a Nation, Civil War to Civil Rights, and Conflict and Change. As part of our study of the Civil Rights movement, we started by analyzing the institution of slavery in America and the modern world, moving on to the American Civil War and ending with an individual research project on prominent Civil Rights leaders. In order to capture and communicate the deeper meanings of the movement to a general audience, we combined our 21st century research skills with the technology of iMovie to create a digital story on our selected Civil Rights leader. In addition to exercising our creativity, we simultaneously learned how to captivate the audience by presenting the movement in an informative and engaging way. See below for a selection of videos from all of grade 8. We hope you enjoy our efforts!

Thank you,
SAS 8th grader, Natasha O. (A Side) and 8th grade social studies teachers

If you can't view the embedded playlist above, click here to view.

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