Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Service Learning and First Grade

In first grade, SAS students are collaborating with Seng Kang Primary School to learn from one another and to share a final product with the community. Teachers find it important to share out such events with the parent community via their teacher blogs.

In February, 13 first grade classes visited Seng Kang Primary and this was followed up by a visit to SAS by Seng Kang students in March. Two videos were produced for communication purposes and uploaded to YouTube. Teachers embedded these videos into their teacher blogs. Click here to see an example of one of our first grade teacher blogs. 

A slideshow using movie maker in Picasa was created to document the visit to SAS by Seng Kang Primary School. This was uploaded to YouTube and using audio swap, we were able to find the perfect soundtrack to accompany the video. 

For the visit to Seng Kang, an iMovie trailer was created focusing on two schools coming together in the spirit of service learning. This trailer will also be a teaching point to introduce first graders to iMovie trailers on the iPad. Students will use still pictures from a field trip to create their very own trailer in the final quarter of this school year.

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