Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iPad, iLearn

By Robin Pearson,  Primary School Educational Technology Coach

Last school year was the pilot year for iPads in the Primary School. Both teachers and students had first hand experience using iPads as a learning tool in class.

This year the Primary division launched sets of iPads in each primary classroom. On average, two teachers now share a cart of 12 iPads allowing teachers and students multiple opportunities to integrate it into daily lessons.

First Graders working on posters
When it comes to integrating technology in the primary classroom, teachers have one main goal. Whatever the learning activity is, it must add value to a student’s learning. The class set iPads have applications that specifically target key learning areas. From a technology point of view, there are also apps that allow students to create and communicate. Apps such as Pages, Keynote or iMovie are important applications because they provide a platform which allow primary students to create projects with minimum ease.  

Using Pages in First Grade
Last school year, for example, all first graders created a Keynote, Apple’s powerpoint. This year, students will be creating much more. Posters in Pages, a math problem in a screen capture app or a simple iMovie.

Technology can now be seen in all facets of the Primary School and it is not just iPads. The new World Language classrooms are also designed to allow teachers to seamlessly integrate technology. Just like class teachers,  they are supported by a technology integrator. The new Promethean Interactive Whiteboards are a feature of the new language rooms along with Voicelift, a device teachers can wear enabling them to be heard wherever they are in the room.

Zhang Laoshi teaching Chinese
Regardless of what technology is employed in a class, the goal is the same. To advance a child’s learning whilst recognizing the importance of digital learning.

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